The Environmental Geography (EG) group’s core expertise is focused on the analysis and modelling of land system change and its impacts on ecosystem services and biodiversity at local to continental scales. Key applications are scenario assessments, landuse climate interactions, ex-ante policy analysis and socio-economic processes such as land abandonment. The group applies interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary approaches while group members have a background in social and physical geography, ecology, earth sciences, environmental resource management, spatial planning and environmental policy.

We employ and combine a portfolio of research techniques and tools from the natural and social sciences, including for example, modelling of land use and ecosystem services, spatial conservation prioritization, integrated assessment modelling, systematic review, surveys, choice experiments and participatory mapping and scenario studies. The group is accustomed to conduct interdisciplinary research on environmental problems and offering pragmatic, innovative solutions.

For more information see our Research themes and our List of publications. For downloads of the models we use and the data we produce please visit our models & data page.