Spatial data from Schulp et al. (2016). A quantitative assessment of policy options for no net loss of biodiversity and ecosystem services in the European Union. Land Use Policy. (in press).

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The Biodiversity Strategy of the European Union includes a target to “ensure no-net-loss of biodiversity and ecosystem services by 2020”. Many policy options can be envisioned to achieve such a no-net-loss target, mainly acting on land use and land management. To assess the effectiveness of such policies at a European Union (EU) scale, we simulated land use changes and their impacts on biodiversity and ecosystem services indicators.

This data package contains maps of the ecosystem services: crop production, climate regulation, erosion protection, pollination, and recreation, and the biodiversity indicators connectivity, total bird species richness, farmland bird species richness, and non-farmland bird species richness, in the years 2000 and 2020 in four scenarios. A full explanation is included in the readme.