Spatial data from van Zanten et al. (2016). Continental-scale quantification of landscape values using social media data. PNAS 113: 12974-12979

Through social media people often express values they ascribe to landscapes and ecosystems. Especially photo-sharing applications, such as Panoramio, Instagram and Flickr are used to share aesthetic enjoyment or outdoor recreation. We have collected georeferenced data from these three platforms and keyword-filtered for photos that describe aesthetic enjoyment of landscapes or recreational activities in the outdoors.

The data package contains six raster files. First, it contains for each of the three platforms one grid that counts the number of uploaded photos per unique user per km2 in the EU-27 on a 1x1km2 resolution. Second, it contains for each of the three platforms the datasets that were used for the analysis described in the article. These grids are aggregated to a 5x5km2 resolution and exclude urban areas a defined in the CORINE land cover classification.

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