Data from Zagaria et. al. (2017). Cultural landscapes and behavioral transformations: An agent-based model for the simulation and discussion of alternative landscape futures in East Lesvos, Greece. Land Use Policy, 65, 26-44.

This spatially explicit agent-based model simulates dynamics of abandonment and re-cultivation of olive plantations in the region of Gera, Lesvos Island (Greece). The model runs under one of two possible scenarios, establishing a more or less profitable olive sector by altering rates of change for olive oil prices, labor wages and agricultural subsidies. In addition, the effect of collective action in farmers can be explored by activating the “Integrated Landscape Initiatives” (ILIs) switch, thus simulating the extent to which these initiatives may mitigate or enhance landscape changes under each scenario.  A yearly time-step sees farmers face choices of abandonment, expansion or sale of their farming systems, depending on their accrued profits and individual characteristics including cultural motivations. The model specifically explores behavioral transformations through generational succession, switches to other farmer types and changes in farm management strategies.

Platform: Netlogo 5.3.1

Programming language: Netlogo

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