We produce alot of data in our research. Here is some of our data available for you to download:

Biodiversity and Carbon storage as drivers of global change: results from Eitelberg et al. (2016). Demand for biodiversity protection and carbon storage as drivers of global land change scenarios. Glob. Environ. Chang. 40, 101–111.


Landscape value indicators social media: results from van Zanten et al. (2016). Continental-scale quantification of landscape values using social media data. PNAS 113: 12974-12979


12-final-gross-results-1900Historic land cover/use change reconstruction for Europe from 1900 – 2010 by the HILDA model.


cropped-08080082.jpgFuture cultural landscape dynamics explorer: results from land use change scenarios for Europe in the VOLANTE project.


PG_buttonEcosystem services/ public goods/ biodiversity dataset containing maps of a number of public goods and biodiversity indicators.


NNL_buttonNo net loss data from Schulp et al. (2016). A quantitative assessment of policy options for no net loss of biodiversity and ecosystem services in the European Union. Land Use Policy. (in press).


poll_buttonPollination data from Schulp et al. (2014). Quantifying and mapping ecosystem services: Demand and supply of pollination in the European Union. Ecological indicators 36: 131-141.


mapcomp_buttonMap comparison data from Schulp et al., 2014. Uncertainties in ecosystem service maps: A comparison on the European scale. PloS ONE 9, e109643.


wildfood_buttonWild food data from Schulp et al. (2014). Wild food in Europe: a synthesis of knowledge and data of terrestrial wild food as an ecosystem service. Ecological Economics 105: 292-305.


GLS_buttonGlobal Land Systems data from van Asselen, S. & Verburg, P.H. (2012). A Land System representation for global assessments and land-use modeling. Global Change Biology, 18, 3125-3148.


wheat_buttonGlobal Potentially Available Cropland data from Eitelberg, D.A., van Vliet, J. & Verburg, P.H. (2014). A review of global potentially available cropland estimates and their consequences for model-based assessments. Global Change Biology, 21 (3), 1236-1248.


FR_buttonFlood regulation data from Stürck, J., Poortinga, A., Verburg, P. H., 2014. Mapping ecosystem services: The supply and demand of flood regulation services in Europe. Ecol. Ind. 38, 198-211.


LLE_buttonLinear Landscape Elements data from van der Zanden, E.H., Verburg, P.H and Mücher, C.A. (2013). Modelling the spatial distribution of linear landscape elements in Europe. Ecological Indicators. 27: 125-136.


LUI_buttonLand use intensity data for a new, high-resolution, map of agricultural land use intensity for the European Union.


MI_buttonMarket influence data from Verburg, PH, Ellis, EC, Letourneau, A. 2011. A global assessment of market accessibility and market influence for global environmental change studies. Environmental Research Letters 6:  034019.


We have also developed several tools that are available for your own project:


The CLUE model
More info and model.



CLUMondo logo

The CLUMondo land systems model
More info and model.


12-final-gross-results-1900_v2HIstoric Land Dynamics Assessment Model (HILDA)

Article 1: Biogeosciences

Article 2: Global Change Biology

Article 3: Applied Geography

More info and model.